German artist Kristina Schaper has lived much of her life in Hamburg, northern Germany and is currently living with her family in Denmark, where she makes her sewn and collaged abstract wall-works. She recently moved her tiny studio at Copenhagen’s harbour front to a studio/showroom space in the center of the city.

As a professionally trained scenic painter and sculptor, she worked for clients from TV, theatre, museums and photographers for almost 20 years.  

In 2013 she gave up her studio in Hamburg and is now working on non-commissioned pieces of art. 

Her preferred media are all kinds of paper and fabrics, she often works in many layers to build texture into her work allowing each piece to be the subject for continued exploration as several layers of collage, acrylic paint and other media fuse to become a finished painting.

When she is not in her studio sewing and glueing, she is teaching printing and mixed media techniques in Copenhagen and Germany.

artist statement

My paintings show my constant attempt to collect and preserve the diverse fragments of my everyday visual impressions. I explore textures and shape, often based on a memory, a pattern or a color. Paper and cloth are currently my favorite materials which I collect and  keep in large quantities at my studio.

Over time, I have developed a process that enables me to work with fabric in a similar way to paper and I find switching between these materials very stimulating. Cloth is glued down, paper is sometimes sewn together. Many of my fabric pieces are technically  seen, quilts. Still, I prefer the term “fabric collage” or “sewn collage”. I don`t consider myself as a quilter although many elements of traditional patchwork can be found in my work.

Whether I am working with paper or cloth- I like working in collage form, sometimes in many layers, where the process or the “history” of the painting stays visible in the final piece.
I usually work on several pieces at the same time and make decisions regarding the whole group. It often happens that I take parts of previous works and reuse them in current works.

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